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Skinnovation Ltd
Thane Road
NG90 6BH, England, UK


The services provided by us are:

Sun Care and Skin Care Formulation Development

Effective sun and skin care formulations from concept to industrialisation using the latest technologies to enhance your brands and satisfy your customers. We use our experience and expertise to develop highly effective, innovative, quality products. We can support your business with our specialist sun care and skin care expertise.

Cosmetic Product Claims Advice:

Guidance and advice on cosmetic product claims support strategies to maximise the opportunity to promote your products in print and broadcast advertising. Create robust, innovative and regulatory compliant advertising claims. Develop product claims support approaches that will be cost and time efficient.

Sun Protection and Anti-ageing Skin Care Conferences:

Sun Protection Conference, London (Next event June 2017)

Anti-ageing Skin Care Conference, London (Recent event 7-8 June 2016)

Sun Protection and Anti-ageing Skin Care Asian Conference, Singapore (Next event 13-14 July 2016)

Meet The Team:

Jack Ferguson BSc PhD (Managing Director)
Sun Protection and Cosmetic Advertising Claims Expert

Johanna Warren BSc DMS
Sun and Skin Care Development Specialist

Zoe Webster GRSC
Sun and Skin Care Development Specialist