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Skinnovation Ltd
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Meet the Team

Sun Protection and Cosmetic Advertising Claims Expert 

Worked at senior management levels in product development at Boots Co PLC, UK and R&D Director at Oriflame Cosmetics, Ireland. Established Skinnovation Ltd in 2000.

Consultant to Clearcast (since 2001) and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) (since 2011) on dermatological issues and assesses scientific data in support of advertising claims.



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Sun and Skin Care Development Specialist 

Extensive experience in formulation development of skin care and sun care products

Boots Co PLC: Sun care development (Soltan section head), skin care, baby skin care and E45 range

Body Shop: Skin and Sun Care Formulation Team Leader

Aston Chemicals: Technical Manager

Skinnovation Ltd: since 2004


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