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Skinnovation Ltd
Thane Road
NG90 6BH, England, UK

Sun Care & Skin Care Formulation Development

What we can provide for you?

Effective sun and skin care formulations from concept to industrialisation using the latest technologies to enhance your brands and satisfy your customers.

We use our experience and expertise to develop highly effective, innovative, quality products.

We can support your business with our specialist sun care and skin care expertise


How do we do this?

With our responsive and flexible approach:

  • We work with our clients to develop the product
    concept, brief, specification and claims

  • Participate or facilitate the creative product
    concept process

  • Create innovative and unique formulations for
    the client

  • Formulate to deliver desired claims and

  • Work with key raw material suppliers to access
    the latest technologies and innovations

  • Liaise with client chosen manufacturer to
    scale-up and manufacture formulations

  • Design formulations and testing to comply with
    desired market regulations

  • We can develop formulations for global markets

  • Collaborate with client marketing to develop
    strong product stories and claims.

Workshops and Training

  • Formulating sun care products

  • How to develop a quality led approach to formulation development

  • Formulation Design and Optimisation

  • Stability testing

  • Formulation Validation and Scale Up for Production

  • GoodLaboratory Practice